Desa Country Homes Phase A 18'x75' Terrace Homes

    Come home to nature every day, just minutes from the city. Refresh and rejuvenate your senses in your own modern countryside home at the mesmerizing utopia of Bandar Country Homes.

    Located in Rawang, Desa Country Homes is perfect for those who want to be just minutes away from the city, and yet be close to nature. Desa Country Homes is an established freehold residential area where well-designed modern-styled homes are within a gated and guarded environment. Phase A of Desa Country Homes takes up approximately 14 acres, and comprises of 155 units of 18' x  75' double storey terrace houses designed for first-time homeowners looking for a freehold landed property with an affordable entry price.

    Completed 2018.

Security Guarded

Perimeter Fencing

CCTV Surveillance

Access Card System


Badminton Court

    Land Tenure: Freehold
    Size: 18' x 75' Double Storey
    Number of Units: 155 Units
    Built-up: From 1,700 - 2,350 sq. ft.
    Price: From RM 411,500.00 - RM 851,716.00
Structure Reinforced Concrete
Walls Cement, Sand Bricks and Clay Bricks to Party Wall
Roof Concrete Tiles
Ceiling Skim Coat with Emulsion Paint, Plasterboard Ceiling with Emulsion Paint (First Floor Only)
Doors Aluminium Framed Sliding Glass Door, Plywood Doors
Windows Aluminium Framed Glass Windows
Iron Mongery Quality Locksets
Sanitary Fittings
  • Wash Basin (WB)  3 nos
  • Water Closet (WC)  3 nos
  • Shower 3 nos
  • Kitchen Sink 1 no
Electrical Installation
  • Light Points 22 nos
  • Fencing Light Point 1 no
  • 13A Power Points 20 nos
  • Air Conditioner Points 2 nos
  • Water Heater Points 3 nos
  • Telephone Points 2 nos
  • TV Sockets 2 nos
  • Door Bell Point 1 no
  • Ceiling Fan Points 7 nos
  • Automatic Gate Point 1 no
  • Fiber Wall Socket for UNIFI Connection 1 no
Fencing Brick Wall with ‘Mild Steel’ Fencing

  Floor Wall
Living Room Homogeneous Tiles Cement Plaster
Dining Room Homogeneous Tiles Cement Plaster
Guest Room Homogeneous Tiles Cement Plaster
Kitchen Homogeneous Tiles Ceramic Tiles To 5ft
Laundry Homogeneous Tiles Cement Plaster
Yard Cement Render Cement Plaster
DB Cement Render Cement Plaster
Staircase Laminated Timber Flooring Cement Plaster
Family Room Laminated Timber Flooring Cement Plaster
Bedrooms Laminated Timber Flooring Cement Plaster
Bathrooms Homogeneous Tiles Ceramic Tiles To 5ft
Car Porch Broom Brush Cement  
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